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Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

Uncertain About Covid Vaccine I’d like to welcome artist Hana Kennedy (they/them/their) to our blog!  They designed this engaging infographic for their high-school Senior Service Project to encourage Covid vaccination.  Please SHARE this blogpost, so that we can track the success of their project! The Bottom Line We ALL have a responsibility to do our part to end this global threat. Think GLOBAL, to Give Context Here’s what I’m thinking about: The Covid Vaccine: About a quarter of Americans either hesitate or refuse to get the Covid vaccine. Medical experts warn that people have much more to fear from the …

Our democracy won’t survive 6 more years with McConnell

Kentuckians are poised to re-elect Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  But as a Kentuckian myself, I wonder:  What are they thinking?  Surely they know how dysfunctional Congress is, but maybe not McConnell’s role in making it that way.  The presidential race has sucked the focus away from this key race.  But to be frank:  Whether or not you dump Trump, if you keep McConnell—you’re screwed.  Here’s what you can expect: a 1)   Dereliction of Duty After Obama’s election, McConnell met with key leaders to craft a manifesto to obstruct Democrat-led legislation:  Just say NO.  GOP senators were instructed to say …

Covid Stimulus Check Meme

  Visit the Gallery to view/download/share comics and memes. Enjoy, and please share widely!  

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