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DEI One-Stop-Shop

Puzzle Peeps-byGerdAltmann-Pixabay Here is the info you need, compiled from my research and writings on the subject.  Much of my research is Kentucky related, as the state legislature has been sucked into the Culture War.  I address the many objections to DEI below. What is DEI? In short, DEI refers to programs and initiatives addressing Diversity (people from the rainbow of sub-cultures), Equity (fairness, equal opportunity, and justice), and Inclusion (belonging and feeling valued).  DEI principles may be applicable in: Workshops and trainings, Course content, Education methods, Student enrollment or classroom makeup, Community service and social justice work, Scholarships, On-campus …

We Might Change More Minds, in the Transgender Debate, by Talking About the Science

Brain Spectrum UPDATE: This article appeared in various versions in the following publications: Lexington Herald-Leader, Frankfort State-Journal, UK’s Kentucky Health News, Daily Independent, AOL News, Yahoo News/Sports, LINK Northern Kentucky, and Forward Kentucky. SB150 is an omnibus anti-transgender bill which bans all medical services to trans youth except mental healthcare, bans education about sexual orientation and gender dysphoria, prohibits pronoun mandates for teachers, bans school transgender bathroom use corresponding to gender identity, and criminalizes physicians who provide trans healthcare.  Governor Beshear did veto SB150, and the legislators did override that veto. The ACLU of Kentucky has filed suit. Most of …

Covid Defense

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