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The 35% President

In the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton received nearly three million more votes than Donald Trump.  When we add in votes cast for third-party candidates and write-ins, the American people rejected Trump by just under eight million votes.  Still, he managed to find a narrow path by which he could convert roughly 73,000 votes, spread over three states (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan), into a victory in the Electoral College.  Donald Trump received 46.1% of the popular vote and since then has marked himself as the only President in American history to never pass the 50% threshold in any national poll. …

God will protect me from coronavirus

  Hello, everyone!  We’re launching our blog today with this comic created by ArtiTron.  We commissioned them to make this piece for us.  Visit the Gallery to view/download/share art.  Enjoy, and please share widely!