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Feeling powerless? Here are 7 things you can do during this toxic political climate.

Four years after the election of Donald Trump, and seven months into the coronavirus pandemic, most of us are completely exhausted.  We crave a return to some kind of normalcy where the President sets a good example, defends our troops, prevents foreign interference in elections, condemns white nationalism, appoints Cabinet leaders who support and fulfill the mission of their agencies, and doesn’t use the Department of Justice as his personal fixer. Those of us in Kentucky are even more eager for a senator (and in this case Senate leader) who listens to constituents and understands that the common good cannot …

Why did Americans move from pro-life to pro-death?

By “pro-life” I’m not talking about the political movement but the capital-L American value that is enshrined, along with Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, in “The Declaration of Independence.” Yes, there are glaring inconsistencies—too many to list—which run antithetical to both a pro-life society and a political movement, policies and systems which negatively impact Americans’ quality of Life.  But most Americans would not willingly endanger someone else’s life. Until now. During a worldwide pandemic, millions of Americans refuse to wear masks—despite incontrovertible evidence it saves lives. HOW did we become pro-death? We succumbed to propaganda.  Before you stop reading, …

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