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Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

Uncertain About Covid Vaccine

I’d like to welcome artist Hana Kennedy (they/them/their) to our blog!  They designed this engaging infographic for their high-school Senior Service Project to encourage Covid vaccination.  Please SHARE this blogpost, so that we can track the success of their project!

The Bottom Line
We ALL have a responsibility to do our part to end this global threat.

Think GLOBAL, to Give Context
Here’s what I’m thinking about:

The Covid Vaccine:

Covid-19’s global impact:

  • India is approaching 26 million coronavirus cases, averaging 300,000 new cases per day. They have insufficient access to vaccines and Covid treatment options.  Funeral pyres have been erected in the streets to handle the victims.  India ranks 103rd (high to low, out of 250ish) in cases per capita and 104th in deaths per capita.
  • The United States surpassed 33 million coronavirus cases;  it ranks 11th (high to low) in cases per capita.  The U.S. leads the world in coronavirus deaths, nearing 600,000;  it ranks 19th  in deaths per capita.  The United States has 18% of the world’s Covid deaths—but only 4.25% of the world’s population.

The following countries adopted social-distancing, masking, and lock-downs early in the pandemic and thus experienced this number of cases:

  • Mainland China: 103,000- cases
  • Taiwan: 1200- cases
  • Australia: 30,000- cases
  • New Zealand: 2,650- cases

There is no urgency to get a vaccine in China at this time, because the virus has been largely contained.

We like to think that we are one of the most educated countries on the planet;  the numbers say otherwise.  Why?

Because 600,000 American deaths were largely

Does this help you to make an informed decision?

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Share factual information about global trends and encourage people to look at the big picture.

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