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Feeling powerless? Here are 7 things you can do during this toxic political climate.

Four years after the election of Donald Trump, and seven months into the coronavirus pandemic, most of us are completely exhausted.  We crave a return to some kind of normalcy where the President sets a good example, defends our troops, prevents foreign interference in elections, condemns white nationalism, appoints Cabinet leaders who support and fulfill the mission of their agencies, and doesn’t use the Department of Justice as his personal fixer. Those of us in Kentucky are even more eager for a senator (and in this case Senate leader) who listens to constituents and understands that the common good cannot …

Would you elect—and fund—a leader with no agenda?

Alarm bells sounded this week when the Republican Party announced on the eve of their convention that, for the first time in their history, they had decided not to present a party platform.  They ruled “out of order” any attempts to adopt one and opted instead to “reassert the Party’s strong support for President Donald Trump and his Administration” and to “adjourn without adopting a new platform until 2024.” Really? Racial injustice, life-threatening global warming, the Covid-19 death toll which in 6 months is  already triple the U.S. casualties from the brutal Vietnam War, millions unemployed and without healthcare, refugees …

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